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suck my ass

yesterday was fulla downtown shoppin with my cookie n my bebes.poor bebes he definately deserves a medal...
i may fit into little girl's clothes but my head sure isn't tiny but ill blame it on my hair, :( xl camo hat, funny shit!
what a fuckin day today, its a good thing my bride wasn't on time cause as soon as i was done doin her make-up as a trial run for her wedding, i was supposed to go into the city to steal my joey.
fortunately i waited a while bullshittin with the girls waitin for her ass.. n the power goes out, so obviously she doesnt show.
if i hadn't waited so long I probably wouldve been stuck in the lincoln tunnel which according to my bladder and the thought of being stuck, alone, in a hot ass dark tunnel for hours can suck my ass.
so i drive home, no traffic lights workin so the streets are fucked n people dont know how to drive... once i get home jumped in the pool w/ the puppy n chilled outside with my brother n his friend who lives here ...
once it got dark we went inside n my brothers friend starts plotting how we should take advantage of the situation n go to one of the banks he used to work at n bust into the atm since he knows the codes...
so we're seriously considering this and other lootin n once john says "wouldn't it be funny that as we are bustin out the money the power goes back on" ..
and wouldn't u know just after he says that the lights come back on!.. 5 hours later
Jeebus knows the troubles those two do not need anymore of thats for sure
hopefully freddy vs jason tomorrow!!!if the power comes back for ny n everything goes back to normal.. now its time for sewing, golden girls, friday after next n bath...
<3 for the dirty's return of electricity
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