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Play around in dirt, you get mud cuz you know, I can either spread love or shed blood

much shee goin on not a lot to say bc writing in here lost its enthusiasm.. as if it ever had any to begin with, you know.
started work yesterday at bou-bou..(iknow?) this couture-esque boutique ....so ill be doin that plus freelancin n school starts next week. so bleh...
lots of adventures spendin lots of time with my joey bebes...mostly leadin to his ass bein darker than me n both our asses gettin fatter... n dangering a few innocent bugs n animals ( don't worry not fuzzy ones) ... somewhere out there lies cletus' carcass.. unfortunately for us since we wanted his bones :(
anywayssss my sara called me earlier from cali n i found out shes datin a craddle robber n is gonna be on the man show sunday night in a bikini...
the new lilo n stitch movie came out today and dont you forget it!
tysons mommy n half sister are now livin outside our house since the rastas couldn't keep them anymore n wanted to put them to sleep.. so now we have a pitbull farm :)
discovering your mother's prescription for ambien is so good that tylenol pm can suck my ass. time to sew things , think til i go crazier and hopefully pass the fuss out you know how we do
n for your viewing pleasure here is jay
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