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Violate, one time, I cock the nine

fashion show tomorrow the 30th @ the lions den in the city..
the turn out should be better since the girls promoted the shit outta it.. and the clothes are promised to be that much hotter..
plus people from mac and other people who could open doors for all of us will be there..nicole has me in her fav outfit, as her usual sickly beautiful skill.. the outfits made of gauze with blood and shit all over so i can strut it zombie style..
working n still takin my classes at fit n apartment hunting in brooklyn with my joey so hopefully we'll hav a place soon so we can raise the bebe maori puppy.
im changing shit for myself, no more empty promises, no more police raids, no more screaming, no more .. its time to take the girl out of the dirty.. but ill always be dirty cause you can't take the dirtyness out of the girl
thank you and get bent :)
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