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shake it like a polaroid picture

yesterday the heat was on, the fashion show didnt go as smooth as planned, courtesey of bullshit grimey bitches and 5 min before we were suposed to go on the bouncers decided to kick my girl nicole out of her own fashion show.. FUCK THAT! and the bitch she did the show with (her "best" friend) expected us to go out there after her girls in nicoles clothes when she wasnt even there.. this bitch didnt do so much as to defend nicole and got loud and disrespectful to me as im changin bout to leave.. sayin shit like nicole would have wanted us to go on with the show n even offerin to pay us to stay..
i may take shit for a little while but you fuck with me the wrong way and you'll get it worse then someone who cant take any amount of shit.. so i stepped up to this bitch but my boy n another dude broke it up, which seems logical to me now that im not as heated especially cause this bitch was not worth shit. it just proves how fucking selfish and grimey people who are suposed to be your friends can be.
im tired as fuck and home on halloween cause this day still fucks me up since it was always mine and meghans holiday.. but at least i got to see leetle peoples in their costumes n little fat heads dressed like my stitch n one little bebes as rollie pollie olie..

title or description
me in the bloody tampon looking zombie skirt w/ the leather corset hotness n lesssss sucia echo

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n me n my joey bebes
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