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viva la revlolution

sometimes while everything is going.. i stop..
like going 90 mph and slam the brakes
maybe its breathlessness.
in my cycle i have returned to the point where i have reached the very top where i become utterly fed up... the only way out is to burst... repeat cycle and start over...
well i have reached that point it seems...
blinding madness and emotion that literally puts you in a state sort of like dementia..
i am sick of complaints, of scribble for sake of advertisement. you may speak but do you stop to ask or listen?
which is simply why i am conditioned to my silence.. and my unhealthy patterns of too much air supply... and back to 90...

maybe im hungry... for something else...
i don't want to keep looking foreward to something knowing from the start that nothing will come out in my favor... because a false sense of hope is the only kind offered to me.

everything is a lie... everything is the truth...
and its both depending on how i feel at the moment

i want you home again..
but for you to have learned your lesson and never have to wear orange again.
i want you alive again...
all of you and not just in my heart.
i want things to go up instead of down or still....
i don't want to see anymore commercials on talking to your friends about marajuana and alcohol because the ones from the 90's with the girl drowning in a pool and the little black girl on the swing who's brother won't be able to teach her how to ride her bike ... those were far better and were about real fucking drugs...

and im sorry that i broke the rules of ohana...
im sorry that im not sorry im basically engaged and genuinely happy.. but i am sorry that you will never be, for me...

there is more but it disapears through translation and lack thereof.

and then its over.. just like that
rinse. wash . repeat.
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