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magics in the make up

live journal can suck my ass.. but i will still come up with somewhat of an update for whatever reason...
everything is looking up.. slowly but surely.. but i still stop to question this new reality because it seems so sureal that this has all come to me.
ive grown so much without so much i once had.. but i never take anything for granted or let my mind eat alive my memory.
i love absolutely everything about working for mac, i am greatful that ive been offered such great opportunities to learn and grow with this company in such a short time..
i am also greatful for being around such talented and wonderful inspiring people.
in more exciting news rosi finally had her baby girl oliviana.. the little japarican irish angel.
my brother gets out of jail in 3 weeks..
my bebes n i almost got our apartment which we would have been in in 2 weeks but decided not to bc we realized we couldnt get rid of maori ..
so the search still continues and by next month hopefully ill be out of this house and into our own place

and this time barbie is left unmutilated because you have grown too old to play, so she remains unharmed in her cardboard and plastic box and shes doing just fine, and hopefully she remains this way so that in years to come her value will grow..
looking back at all the limbless bodies and half shaved disattached heads, she is fortunate.
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