mis.manufactured by mattel (likeavirgin) wrote,
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ill cut you!!!!!!!!!

i just saw the sexiest n most amazing thing on television u dun even know!!1
xtina,britney n madonna doin like a virgin all touchin eachother, struttin their shit n even kissing!
anwaysssss im calm now..

brownie Brownie, the preggie bebes/ tysons half sister .. she has the most beautiful demonic hazel/yellow eyes
isis tysons mommy Isis

brownies pregnant so if anyone wants bebe pitbulls i'll let uknow when they come...isis escaped yesterday but she came back n joey n i probably have west nile thanks to being eaten to death by mosquitos lookin for her.
at least we caught another frog(cletus 2), hes just chillen in a slurpee cup waitin for his demise.
his bones are ours damnit!

dont point your finger at crazy people!!!!
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