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talk is cheap motherfucka

i have a lot of things swimming inside my head, washing ashore,and back to deep waters..
rinse, wash, repeat..ect
back to being busy without the burden of information overloading or the frustrations often accompanied by intense thought..
but i am smiling, genuinely because there is happiness in my heart.
someone once asked me to promise them that i would never change who i was...
and in turn i asked that person to do the same...
and i remember saying that people who share our same altruistic qualities are only truly appreciated and seen as having a selfless heart, once they are dead.
and i remember 4 days later burying that same person whom I shared that conversation with.
i am who i am... only from here on in im stronger and my once plentitude of forgiveness has partially descended.

anyways started f.i.t. yesterday... don't get me wrong i love designing and making my own clothes .. and ripping things to shreds and re-building someone else's garment into my own...but so far everything is really technical, which i expected.. but also discouraging especially since it is a lot of hard work. i know that in time once you get through the fundamentals of design, draping, ect.. it will seem less foreign and i'll be able to use my vision and creativity and actually enjoy the learning...
and if i dont like it fuck it next semester ill just go into fashion merchandising, styling or special effects make-up being that make-up artistry is my main thang and hopefully one day retire to my farm of my bebes n ethnic foster bebes.

im still wearin my size 6 lil guhl undies from the disney store, and i know that one day it will change..and i'll be buying them for little mai-ling, quay-quay and pepito instead.
but for now they're comfortable despite how they may look im still breathing.

day 1 of missing faces thanks to time consuming schedules gets a "suck my ass"
you like my run on sentences and use of undergarments to reach new metaphorical heights,non?
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