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2 hours ago brownie's water broke on my mattress eww
n so far 2 puppies have been born.. now the basement smells like placenta, blood, piss and shit.. and weed too. nice
the first one came out out of the sac n aj had to cut the cord n blood was squirtin out everywhere..that was fine but i wasn't prepared for the second one which did come out in the sac and good gat. brownies still a puppy herself practically n shes bein real difficult not understanding that the bebes need her milk n she keeps tryin to grab em with her mouth to move em by her face but she bites a lil too hard so we gotta keep a real close eye n make sure she doesn't hurt them..
i wanna name one isabel after the hurricane.. after 6 weeks we'll give most of em away n hopefully joey n i can keep one n our apt will allow pets..anways time for sleep..

happy birthday e to the li, you are truly missed
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