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abre los ojos

this shit is killin me n nothing is ever gonna change..
you still don't fucking learn your lesson after how many times and we are the ones who have to pay for it..and thats the harshest i feel because i can't help but be more upset than mad. 11 dogs in this house that we have to take care of and this time its for real...
but somehow i am still conditioned to think otherwise.. but in my head i know this is it.
.i dont think i can live in this house without you, but this time there is nothing left for us to do...

so i dropped 2 of my classes at f.i.t...so now i only have my saturday classes. but in jan ill take the fashion styling class cause i decided fuck the degree n just take certificate classes. my cookie told me devanche, her well known salon in the city needs a make-up artist n her mom referred me to no end, so i have to call tomorrow ::crosses fingers::

last night joey n i went to ill nino n i have to say is they create some of the most beautiful music ever made.. no gin or juice or sucia... n one of the bands even made a shout out to sworn enemy. nice seein u too girls!

i went to visit eli the other day and stole the rubberbands off everyone's flowers they left him on his birthday and put them on my wrist with the rest of them...

everything is either at a stand still or is spiraling downward..
i don't know what else is left for the taking...
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i love your style. masuimi max is hot hot sex. may i add you, you add me?

:ex oh ex oh: drea
good luck with job hunting!!!! happy to hear you visited to e, i left him little glow sicks to keep his nights bright! but with all this rain, is probably gone....muah
great black and white photo/thingie of purty girl. where'd ya get it?